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Answer to all your frequently asked questions.

How can you offer the products at such low prices?

All WordPress items such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). That means once we have purchase the items we are free to redistribute it, if we choose to do so. Your membership to our site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to 3rd party theme and plugin authors. This form of crowdfunding helps keep prices low and we can then pass this benefit on to you.

Are these 100% genuine items?

Yes, 100%. We approve each item manually after checking & screening with our rock solid screening process. The downloads are not altered in any way, beside the items marked as ‘Activated’.

How fast i will get my purchased item?

In general, items should be downloaded immediately after successful purchase. It may very on the payment gateway you’ve used during the checkout.

Are there any restrictions on the number of downloads?

By default our memberships are bounded by our fair use policy as per the plans. Only titanium monthly plan doesn’t have any limitation on downloads. You can contact us also for custom solutions.

Do you provide updates to the items?

Yes. As soon as we get notified about an update, we go and download it from the author and update it on the site. We send regular emails advising when items have been updated so please be sure to provide an active email address when you sign up. Items are updated on daily basis. You can submit an update request on the items page if you need an update sooner.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you’re not bounded anymore. You can cancel your subscription anytime. We doesn’t auto renew subscriptions, that means you will be billed only one time. And after your subscription period ends you have to purchase subscription again.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through world’s most secure and reliable payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, PayTM, Razorpay, Bitcoin, Etc.

Is VAT calculated in the price?

Yes, VAT is calculated in the price on all the products listed in this website.

Do you offer discounts?

Our products are already discounted. For promotional purpose we also offer discounts occasionally. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals and offers.

Few Words From Our Customers

No words to express my gratitude to the GPLFamily team. They helped me to find a way out of quite a bad situation with my website. The icing on the cake is that they’ve spent their time and charge no fee for that. As a result, I’ve got my website fixed for free and in very fast. I wish your project success in every step of its way!

As a webmaster with a vast experience, I can safely say that this resource is useful. Regular updates to popular templates and plugins are very encouraging, while the content is clean from viruses and malicious code. The price for which you can download the necessary theme is modest in comparison with the official donor website. Strongly recommended!

GPLFamily, best team ever I bought a wp plugin ‘envira gallery core and album addon’ for my website and they gave me excellent supporting service and have the best prices. I’m very pleased to make business with your company. I can highly recommend GPLFamily to everyone. Thanks for the lovely service.