Friday - 22 - May 2020

Changes in Download Limits in Our Membership Plans

Due to ever-increasing users who are leeching our products and selling them in other gpl websites without any reseller plans, therefore violating our fair usage policy, we have to take this important step. The important points are mentioned below about the changes.

  1. Bronze monthly members are now restricted to 15 downloads per day.
  2. Silver quarterly members are now restricted to 20 downloads per day.
  3. Gold semi-yearly members are now restricted to 25 downloads per day.
  4. Platinum yearly members are now restricted to 30 downloads per day.
  5. Diamond lifetime members are now restricted to 35 downloads per day.
  6. We didn’t impose any download limit for the titanium monthly plan, as this is a special reseller plan for them who want to resell our products. Ps: this plan is for limited users only.

Other important notes are listed below-

  1. These changes did not affect our existing users. But if we notice any policy violation on their account, we may impose the same limit for them also without any prior notice.
  2. The same product download won’t be counted in the daily download limit. For example, if you have downloaded “product xxx” 5 times in a day, it will be counted as one.
  3. You can check out your daily credit limits in your my account > membership.